1.What are the products that your company sells, and what is the difference between the products on the market?

---Our company sells plant extracts and chemical raw materials, which are not finished products, but they are the main ingredients in the market.

2.What are the main target customers of your company?

---Health products company, cosmetics company, foreign trade company, chemical company.

3.Can you return the goods after receiving the goods?

---If it is our product quality problem or the packing is damaged, we accept return and replacement. And we bear the freight back and forth extra, if only you know about this kind of product is not enough, buy back and found and you want to, don't think with, but not our quality problem, it doesn't matter, the customer is god, you can return and customer communication and coordination.

4.Could you tell me the time and stock of the goods?

---We usually delivery goods after get the order a week, usually in stock, both in stock. If there is no inventory, we will inform you, please rest assured!

 Xi'an Green Source Co.,Ltd

 Xi'an Green Source Co.,Ltd