Bitter Orange Extract

Bitter Orange Extract

1.English Name: Bitter Orange Extract
2.Botanical Source: Citrus Aurantium L
3.Color: Brown Yellow Fine Powder
4.Part of Plant Used: Fruit
5.Main Components: hesperiidin、flavonoid、essential oil
6.Specification:10:1 、20:1
7.Method of Testing: UV
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Product Details

Bitter Orange Extract

English Name: Bitter Orange Extract

Botanical Source: Citrus Aurantium L.

Color: Brown Yellow Fine Powder

Part of Plant Used: Fruit

Main Components: hesperiidin、flavonoid、essential oil

Specification:10:1 、20:1

Method of Testing: UV

Bitter Orange Extract

Product Name

Bitter Orange  Extract

Latin Name

Citrus Aurantium L.

Part of Plant Used



Brown Yellow Fine Powder



Extract Solvent



10:1, 20:1

Heavy Metal











Total Plate Count


Yeast & Moulds




Storage Conditions

Store in sealed containers at cool & dry place. Protect from light, moisture and pest infestation.

Shelf life

2 years

Country of origin


Bitter Orange Extract

Bitter orange has been regarded as a good skin care product since ancient times. Ancient greeks used it as an antiseptic in aromatherapy and a sedative in plant therapy.In beauty, it has the characteristics of fragrance and vitality.Bitter orange peel, flowers and immature fruits can be processed and used.In particular, its high-quality Neroli oil is widely used in the aromatic industry.The essential oil of bitter orange leaves can be extracted from its branches and immature fruits.People can also use common juice production techniques to squeeze the skins of bitter or regular oranges, obtain vegetable oil and use it in natural skin care products.

From the essential oil of the fruit is called bitter Orange Orange (bitter), in the essential oils of citrus, Orange flavor is inside collect, and the smell of Orange is very lively, more bitter Orange is Orange, a meticulous, it is a single terpene represents one of the essential oil, it is easy to understand, is generally used in response to the change of the outside world, such as the digestive system.For the skin, there is the role of lifting, pulling out, so you can deal with aging skin.

Essential oils from the leaf called bitter orange leaves (Petitgrain), which is representative of the ester oils, the price is higher than the fruit, with a fresh, has a very clean taste, very suitable for men, such as adolescence long blain blain of a friend, can mediate in the cleanser, because orange leaf essential oil is not to need to mediate in the cream.Friends with acne might as well try it.

The essential oil from flowers is called Neroli, which is a monoterpenol oil and is extremely expensive because of its value.The physiological effects of orange flowers are similar to those of orange leaves. This extreme feeling is very similar to touching your heartstrings and talking to you gently.This kind of quiet is not as thick as sandalwood, but it is very penetrating and makes people feel calm.

Based on these advantages of bitter orange essential oil, now a lot of skin care products have already put it as an acne removing blain good use, in order to achieve the depth control problematic skin, anti-inflammatory sterilization to prevent skin inflammation swelling;Balance skin oil secretion, enhance cell metabolism function, promote cell regeneration, repair damaged dermis, help scar pits recover as soon as possible, and weaken acne marks.

1. Treatment of Abdominal distension

2. Adjuvant therapy for cardiovascular disease

3. weight loss

4. discomfort of the digestive system

5. Sterilization function

Bitter Orange Extract

Bitter Orange  Extract

Bitter Orange Extract

Bitter Orange  Extract

Bitter Orange  Extract

Bitter Orange Extract

Bitter Orange  Extract

Bitter Orange  Extract

Bitter Orange  ExtractBitter Orange  ExtractBitter Orange  Extract

Bitter Orange  Extract

Bitter Orange  Extract

Bitter Orange  Extract