Crazy Maca Extract Powder

- Jul 25, 2018-


1. Eating Marca is comfortable all over.

Eat Marca to protect liver, let you rest assured!

Maca contains more than 20 kinds of amino acids and multiple vitamins, which can supplement liver nutrition and enhance liver function.

At the same time, taurine and plant polyphenols in Marca improve the function of liver metabolism, accelerate the metabolism of ethanol and acetaldehyde, and have preventive effect on fatty liver, alcoholic liver, liver fibrosis, hyperglycemia and so on.

2.Eat Marca kidney, let you do your best!

The kidney is the root of the birth, the root of the life! The Tibetan Sutra is angry!

Maca is rich in protein, amino acids, polysaccharides, etc., to replenish the five zang organs and improve the Qi of five zang organs. Its sterols, glucosinolates and benzyl isothiocyanate regulate endocrine system, promote normal function and metabolism of kidneys, and make kidney more vigorous.

3. Eating a Marca to protect your heart makes you feel comfortable.

The special "taurine" in Maca is called the heart protecting sign.

It has been proved that taurine is the highest in human heart. Taurine enhances cardiac function by protecting the myocardium. When the calcium influx of myocardial cells is too high, it can lead to coronary heart disease. Taurine can adjust the amount of calcium ions in cardiac muscle cells, maintain their balance, and achieve strong heart.

The relationship between taurine and heart has become one of the most important subjects in the world. In addition, taurine has protective effects on lung, liver and gastrointestinal tract.

4. Eat Marca to protect the spleen and stomach, so that you can enjoy the food!

Maca can boost the Yang Qi in the middle, replenish the spleen and stomach and replenish qi and blood. It can regulate the function of kidney and spleen and stomach, improve the digestive system of spleen and stomach, and promote the nutrition absorption of viscera. The effect of eating Maca is more obvious in people with deficiency of Spleen Yang.

5. Eat Maca, anti fatigue, so that you have good mood every day!

Maca helps to drive away depression and keep people in good mood. Clinically confirmed: Maca extract can directly affect the pituitary gland, improve work efficiency, and relieve people's exhaustion under high intensity work.

Leucine, phenylalanine and tryptophan in Marca can weaken the changes in balance in the body caused by pressure and prevent various diseases that may be caused by pressure.


The three advantages of Marca fine film!

Out in the outside, everything is convenient? How do you do it! Mak essence helps you to nourishment, equally unambiguous.

1. Easy to absorb

Maca extract is made from pure natural Maca nuts and fined up to 800 to 1000 mesh. The 800-1000 goal is that Maca is the most easily absorbed by the human body. When Mak card is chewed in the mouth, the saliva secreted by the mouth is more conducive to the absorption of nutrients in Maca.

2. be easy to carry about

The makkas plus the packaging, volume is also a box of milk size, backpack, satchel, handbag can satisfy all. Marca will have to stick to the effect of eating, if it is too late to make water or a cup of Maca, the bag can be taken out directly with Marca, and you say it is convenient.

3. Easy to eat

Brewing time is long, the water is cumbersome (and the spoon should be washed). Eat Maca extract, unscrew the bottle cap and pour two grains.


Never miss the Marca gourmet!

Marca tonifying kidney Soup for men!


Ingredients: fresh bullwhip (dried beef whip), Maca fruit or dried slices and Cistanche deserticola. The ratio is 10:1:0.5


1, first scrape the bullwhip clean (dry bullwhip need to rise first), then cold water soak for half an hour, and finally cut section;

2, Ka Guo or dry tablets with blisters for 10-15 minutes, if Marie Ka Guo soaked and then cut into thin slices. Wash the cistanche and moisten it with wine. Steam for 2 hours, rinse and rinse and put in gauze bags.

3, take out the casserole, put it in the bullwhip, and add water. When the water is boiling, the sand bags with Cistanche, Maca, ginger, pepper and yellow wine are put into the pot, and then the fire is boiled with fire, and it is suggested to be turned over once in half an hour to avoid sticking to the pot.

4. After stewing all ingredients to medium, remove the bullwhip and cut into small pieces and continue to simmer. The long stew is stewed with a bullwhip.

5. Remove the sand bags after the pot, and season with salt and chicken essence.


Marca red jujube soup - female beauty and beaut

Raw material: Marca dry slice 30g, red date 10.


1, the red date to nuclear, wash out.

2, put the pot on the fire, add proper amount of water, and boil the water with a strong fire.

3. Add jujube and Maca slices in boiling water and cook for 30 minutes.

Eat Maca, let you have good health, fight hard not to close.

Eat Maca, so that you can enjoy the delicious food and enjoy your food.

Eating Maca makes you feel good and happy every day!

The origin of the article: the Marca Empire