Some thoughts on the development of functional beverage from plant extracts

- Jul 26, 2018-

As the new favorite of the beverage industry, functional beverages are emerging in an endless stream. As the main functional ingredients, plant extracts are widely used in functional drinks. However, there are some problems in the process of product development and production, and the following are summarized as follows:


Clear source of raw materials

Plant extracts, as food raw materials, must have a clear source. In the international scope, plant extracts have been widely used as raw materials for functional beverages. In China, because of the restrictions on policies and regulations, the extracts are used as common food materials and can be used not much. "GB 2760-2014 food safety countries" The extracts included in the standard for the use of standard food additives include rosemary extract, melon extract, clove bud tincture (extract), walnut shell extract, cola fruit extract, ginger extract, and horns bean extract. In the health food, as the solid powder and oral liquid dosage form, the range of the extract can be widely used, and most of the fruits and vegetables and the extracts of the medicine and food homologous plants can be used.

Safety and efficiency of the product

Plant extract as a functional beverage ingredient, safety is the premise, in the United States, plant extract products, if used in functional beverages, must be certified by GRAS, if the requirements of GRAS, can be put on the record to FDA, the record can be used as a legal raw material. In China, the use of extract as a common food raw material requires the certification of new food materials or food additives, which can be used as a safe raw material in ordinary food after being seen as a safe raw material. On the effectiveness of the extract products, some of the major extractive companies both at home and abroad have carried out the relevant research work, and all have quite complete research results and research reports.

Clear functional components

The extracts of plant extracts are complex, and there are different ingredients in the same plant extract. Even the same component is divided into different specifications because of the difference of the content. Taking tea extracts as an example, the effective components of the extract include tea polyphenols, theaflavins and theanine. If the antioxidant type is to be developed, the functional beverage of antioxidant type should be developed. It is necessary to select the green tea extract with suitable content of tea polyphenols. If we want to develop the functional beverage of anti-cancer, we need to select the green tea extract with suitable content of theaflavin. If we want to develop the products to relieve the fatigue, we need to select the green tea extract with suitable content of theanine. The grape extracts also have different specifications, and the effective ingredients include proanthocyanidins and resveratrol. For the development of different functional drinks, it is necessary to select the appropriate specifications of the extract.

Stability of production standards

At home, functional drinks include health food and ordinary food. At present, it is managed by the State Food and drug administration, the manufacturer meets the production requirements, and the production license is issued (SC certificate). The products produced by the manufacturer must conform to the relevant laws and regulations, the compliance of the formula and the stability of the production are all strict. It is also required that the extracts added according to the requirements must comply with the relevant regulations.

Good appearance and taste

In color, the extract of the flower pigment has bright colors, and according to the difference of the pH value, different colors can be presented in the product system, which can not only improve the efficiency of the product, but also adjust the color of the product. In the taste, the taste of the extract itself is better than the conventional food raw material. Most of the extracts have bitterness and other bad flavors. It is necessary to use the extract as a raw material to add the effect of the extract, and to cover up its bad flavor, so that the taste of the product can be accepted by the consumers and its own special point.

Perfect academic and after-sale support

The functional beverage with plant extract as the raw material is different from the past fast food beverage. It also has great difference in the market and the way of promotion. In addition to the necessary advertising, the product people understand the products and even the raw materials more deeply. Besides the knowledge of the food industry, the cultivation and even the medicine should also be made. A certain degree of understanding, product R & D personnel is to have a very high degree of expertise, so that products can have better academic and after-sales support.

Stable and reliable supply chain system

With the extract as the functional beverage, when the product is equivalent to a certain quantity of grade, the supply capacity of the raw material, the manufacturer's capacity, the supply capacity and the logistics capability of the package should meet the requirements, and it is sustainable. Only with this requirement, the product will have reliable supply guarantee. As the market continues to expand, the supply capability of products can still be satisfied.

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