People Who Drink Three Cups of Coffee a Day May Live Longer Than Those Who Don't.

- Aug 10, 2018-

Recently a new study published in the International Journal Annals of Internal Medicine found that people who drink three cups of coffee a day may live longer than those who don't.


The researchers studied 521330 European people over the age of 35, using questionnaires and interviews to assess participants' dietary status. The researchers said the Danish population had the highest coffee intake (900mL per day), while the Italy population had the lowest level of coffee intake (nearly 92mL a day).

After 16 years of follow-up, about 42,000 participants died of a series of conditions. The researchers found that people with the highest coffee intake tended to have the lowest risk of all-cause mortality compared with people who did not drink coffee.


"The higher level of coffee intake is often related to the liver function and the good immune response of the body, and later we need to do more research to clarify which ingredient in coffee is a potential protection for the body." Gunter, the researcher, said.

"The findings provide us with more and more evidence that drinking coffee is not only safe, but also has real benefits for the body." Elio Riboli, the researcher, said.

The results show that a moderate amount of coffee (about three cups a day) is not harmful to the health of the body, and the penetration of coffee into the normal diet may also bring some health benefits to the body.

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