Red Wine (Resveratrol): A Bright Red Light for Cancer

- Jul 01, 2018-


Like a gallon of water after a dinner of two bottles of red wine, maybe resveratrol can help people reduce the damage caused by some alcohol in a comic way. A new study from the Colorado cancer research center has shown that resveratrol, the main component of red wine and grape skin, can reduce molecular damage to head and neck tumors. This summer, in the Italy, a study published in the JAMA magazine in the Journal of the Johns Hopkins University has pushed the efficacy of resveratrol to the tip of the wind.

The study was published in Advancesin Experimental Medicine and Biology and was extracted by In a new study, Dr. Roberts Can J Ni, a researcher at the center for cancer research at the University of Colorado and a professor of molecular genetics in the medical school, explained that "alcohol can cause genetic damage, and the body has its own way to repair this damage, but excessive alcohol." It can cause irreparable damage to the gene. So we have said that consumption of alcohol is an inducement of head and neck cancer.


And other scientists in the team found that resveratrol can kill cells that cause cancer by alcohol damage. The more alcohol you drink, the more damaged DNA will accumulate in your body. The accumulation of certain types of damaged DNA will eventually lead to cancer. Resveratrol has broken down those cells that are most severely damaged and most likely to cause cancer.

Alcohol intake is an associated factor in epidemiological studies of head and neck cancer. J Can J Ni believes that, compared to other types of alcohol, drinking red wine has the lowest risk of cancer: "in red wine, some substances inhibit the cancer caused by alcohol." According to his research, this substance is resveratrol. Ongoing clinical trials are also examining whether resveratrol can prevent intestinal cancer and liver cancer.

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