Roxburgh Rosa

- Jul 26, 2018-


1. drink, water is good health?

In theory, drinking plenty of water can help the kidneys to detoxify and relieve the burden of the kidneys. But you know, the adult kidney can only be drained 800~1000 milliliters per hour. If you drink more than 1000 milliliters in 1 hours, it will lead to hyponatremia, which affects the health of the kidney. Therefore, do not drink more than 100 milliliters of water every hour, do not drink more than 1000 milliliters per hour. Song Xiaohui, Nephrology: The above view is very scientific. And water can also be added from fruits and vegetables.


2. to drink tea when tired, is it a wake up or a body?

Never use your coffee or strong tea to refresh your body when it feels very tired. Otherwise, it will cause great damage to the cardiovascular system. When you smoke when you are tired, the harm of tobacco to your body will double. Two family Zheng Wanbin: especially when tired of drinking coffee or strong tea to refresh the mind, it has an impact on the cardiovascular system, but it is not a huge injury. Only in the long run will it cause injury.


3. often dyed hair, do not find that you love a cold?

Although there is a direct correlation between hair dye and blood diseases, no medical statistics have been confirmed. But if a year of hair dyed more than 4 times, dizziness, migraine, and then the possibility of thrombocytopenia will be much more likely than non hair dyed people, some people will significantly decrease the number of white blood cells, lower immunity. Blood Tumor Research Institute of internal medicine Chen Defa: often dyed hair, dizziness, migraine and other symptoms are only a case, but often hair dyed in fact is often contact chemicals, the body is definitely harmful.


4. this super, that super, pregnant women do not do?

In foreign countries, B-ultrasound doctors have special allowances, because radiation can cause more or less harm to the body. Mothers in pregnancy usually do a B-scan every month after 3 months' gestation. However, at any stage of the development of the infant, any small impact may cause harm to their future. Therefore, pregnant women do not exceed 3 times of B-ultrasound examination, and preferably after 6 months of pregnancy. Ultrasound department of martial Golden Jade: the above point of view is wrong. Now most of the ultrasound examination is color Doppler, color Doppler ultrasound is completed by ultrasonic inspection rather than radiation, its radiation is similar to the screen radiation of a computer. The number of pregnant women doing color Doppler ultrasound should be 4~5 times, especially in 20~28 weeks, it is necessary to do four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound screening fetal abnormalities.

5. hot water medicine, the curative effect is poor?

Do not use hot water or fruit juice to take medicine when taking medicine, otherwise it will easily affect the curative effect of the medicine. Wang Jun: don't use overheated water when taking medicine. You can use normal water temperature.

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