Soy protein supplements play an important role in body weight regulation.

- Sep 19, 2018-

In the DuPont and University of Missouri studies, researchers gave teenagers a high-protein afternoon snack instead of a typical high-carbohydrate and high-fat snack (or simply no snack), and 31 people aged 13 to 19, from normal to overweight, ate afternoon snacks regularly. Healthy teenagers were randomly assigned to either eat high-protein pudding made from DuPont's Danisco Supro XT219D soy protein, eat a more typical low-protein snack, or skip snacks. Finally, the researchers found that children who ate high protein had a better overall diet, reduced appetite in the afternoon, and increased cognitive flexibility (the ability to switch from one concept to another without causing much confusion).


Lean plant protein

Dr. Michelle Braun, a research scientist at DuPont's Department of Nutrition and Health, points out that soy protein is a high-quality, plant-based, lean resource that can meet the protein and amino acid needs of children aged three and over. A large number of literatures have shown that soy proteincan effectively help children establish healthy eating habits, regulate their healthy weight, and help to deal with and prevent obesity in children because soy contains sufficient energy.

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Jean Hedge, strategic marketing leader of DuPont's nutrition and health division, said that because soy protein is versatile, performs well, and consumers are increasingly interested in high-protein snacks, many applications today involve soy protein ingredients such as baked and pressed snacks, beverages, nutrient bars, and chips. It includes snack food, cereal and snacks mixture. Consumers in DuPont reflect that snacks and breakfast are the most important part of the day, and parents are looking for healthier diets and more suitable foods for their children. Therefore, they regard it as a great opportunity for the food market. They believe that this market will expand to teenagers and young adults. Everyone is pursuing healthier snacks; everyone is living a busy and active life, so snacks must be a big part of people's diet.

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