The average price of 300 thousand yuan per kilogram! When does Cordyceps sinensis go down the altar?

- Jul 01, 2018-


April and May is the harvest season of fresh Cordyceps. Recently, in the "6. 18" e-commerce Festival, the economic reporter found in twenty-first Century, businessmen hit "fresh", "authentic wild" and other words, the entity shop also by the e-commerce festival to promote sales.

In twenty-first Century, nearly half a month after the economic report reporters found that the average price of Cordyceps is about 300 thousand yuan per kilogram, up to 680 thousand yuan per kilogram. The Cordyceps sinensis, which is worth more than gold, has become a top-grade health product with miraculous effect.

In fact, Cordyceps sinensis is not expensive. It is not a health care product. In March 8th, the former State Administration of food and Drug Administration (CFDA) issued a notice on stopping the pilot work of Cordyceps sinensis for health food, and as early as 2016, it was pointed out that Cordyceps sinensis is a Chinese herbal medicine, not a dual-use substance, and the content of heavy metal arsenic in the tested Cordyceps and its products exceeded the standard (4~10 times). Its research level is basically at the level of "component recognition".

However, despite being removed from the health care circle, the market fever has been increasing. "Cordyceps sinensis is mainly used for tonifying kidney, enhancing immunity, preventing cancer and anti-cancer, it is health care products, like eating bird's nest without any side effects." In the survey, a salesperson told the twenty-first Century business reporter that Cordyceps sinensis is a health product with anti-cancer effect.

On the one hand, the Cordyceps sinensis has no health care identity, even someone will directly return its efficacy to zero, on the other hand, the effectiveness of various anti-cancer propaganda, can the Cordyceps sinensis be able to eat? In June 14th, the head of a Chinese herbal medicine enterprise told the economic reporter in twenty-first Century that it was an extreme attitude to pursue the efficacy of anti-cancer or directly degrade to zero. The effect of Cordyceps sinensis as a kind of medicinal material has a clear Pharmacopeia record. In June 19th, Shi Lichen, the founder of the third party medical service platform, maikolai, pointed out that it was necessary to prove that the efficacy of Cordyceps sinensis must have clinical data, and the future should be strengthened.

Antitumor "deity grass"


Despite the fact that Cordyceps sinensis has been removed from health care products, the market has been increasing in popularity. In twenty-first Century, the economic report reporters visited some pharmacies in Beijing, Nanjing and Wuhan, and found that Cordyceps sinensis sold in the name of precious tonic products.

In June 14th, in a chain drugstore in Qinhuai District, Nanjing, a shop assistant introduced to the economic reporter in twenty-first Century, 256 yuan / gram of Cordyceps Cordyceps is moderate, and it is a little expensive.

"If the economic conditions are good, it is best to eat for a long time, one day a day, with good results, you will find fewer colds and higher immunity. Someone came to buy it before, saying that his mother in his 80s did not move normally. After two months, he could walk around the house. The assistant is introduced.

In a drugstore in Zhongshan South Road in Nanjing, a shop assistant introduced the effect of Cordyceps sinensis to economic reporter in twenty-first Century with his family. "My father was not walking, he could not speak because of sudden brain stem, but the doctor was optimistic, but the immunity was poor and I was often sick. I gave him more than two years. Indeed, I have been eating the Cordyceps sinensis for more than two years. Effect. He is now living alone in the countryside and can take care of himself. "

In twenty-first Century, in the interview with the economic reporter, only a national chain drugstore in Wuhan introduced the efficacy according to the "instructions": tonifying the kidney, benefiting the lungs, stopping blood and phlegm, using the kidney deficiency, the impotence, the pain of the waist and knees, the long cough and asthenia, and the cough of old cough.

According to the introduction, the above drugstore Cordyceps sinensis from Tibet Nagqu, because the size of different prices, such as 3 grams of 1090 yuan, 26 grams of 13800 yuan, 12 grams of 8220 yuan, the price of 360 thousand yuan to 685 thousand yuan per kilogram per kilogram to 685 thousand yuan per kilogram.

The reason why the price is high, the shop assistant told the economic reporter in twenty-first Century, the important reason is that the search for the Cordyceps sinensis is very expensive, the labor cost is expensive, the transportation fee is also high, and the mining will destroy the environment and the environmental cost is high. "Now there is little in Tibet. Maybe in the past a mountain can be dug up to twenty or thirty, one hundred roots, and now we can dig ten or twenty."

But when the Cordyceps were kicked out of the health product circle, the shop assistant said that there was no news on the market yet, but if the market knew it would change. "If the news comes down, the output will be reduced, and the price will be raised, because the demand will increase, the output will decrease, and the price will go up. Because the implementation standards of health products and drug production are different. "

There are also many shops selling Cordyceps militaris. Most of these shops have taken out the words "fresh", "authentic wild" and so on, and have played a promotional battle through the "6. 18" electricity supplier Festival. In a shop that took part in the "6 / 18" Shopping Festival, "0.5 grams of Cordyceps are now dug in 2018, 10 are shipped with the whole whole air cold chain after shipment." the product is 450 yuan and 12% off with two pieces of total price. Other merchants write 2 grams of dried Cordyceps 8, counter price 700 yuan, "Carnival price" of 350 yuan.

Many salesmen say that the e-commerce platform does not allow for effectiveness, and in some of the pictures shown by some businesses, "there is a clear role in inhibiting and killing tumor cells".

A Southern China area Cordyceps wholesaler introduced to the economic reporter in twenty-first Century, before the 70s last century, the price of Cordyceps sinensis was not so high, and very low profile, in Qinghai, Tibet and other origin, the state purchase price of 20 yuan per kilogram, there is no good and bad points. But due to the scarcity of resources, in 1980s, Cordyceps sinensis increased to 300 yuan per kilogram in 90s, and exceeded 1000 yuan in 90s.

In 2003, the price of Cordyceps sinensis is in the period of SARS in 2003. There are rumors that Cordyceps sinensis can enhance immunity and even cure all kinds of diseases. The price rises to 16 thousand yuan per kilogram. Since then, the Cordyceps sinensis becomes "God grass" and enters the ranks of luxury health care products, and the unit of valuation has changed from "kilogram" to "gram".

The "polar" 5X in the Cordyceps sinensis is more striking, and on its official website, the "polar grass 5X Cordyceps sinensis pure flakes - Classic tablets" 0.25 grams / pieces * 60 pieces / bottles * 1 bottles / boxes are 12639 yuan, and the price is accounted for more than 840 thousand yuan per kilogram.

The data show that Chinese traditional Chinese medicine and most Chinese scholars refer to the Cordyceps sinensis, which is the complex of the carcass of the Cordyceps sinensis and the host of the host, the host of the host, and the host of the caterpillar moth. It is mainly produced in alpine meadows of 4000~5000 meters above sea level, such as Sichuan, Qinghai, Tibet and Yunnan. . The other 500 species of Cordyceps are parasitic and can produce stroma, which can only be called Cordyceps.

For the efficacy of Cordyceps sinensis "Shen grass", Shi Lichen told the economic reporter in twenty-first Century that the relevant state departments did not clearly point out its anti-cancer efficacy, other therapeutic effects were not supported by clinical data, and more advertising campaigns, so that the common people thought that Cordyceps sinensis was a cure for all diseases.

Taking Qinghai spring polar grass as an example, the public data of Qinghai spring show that in 2011, 2012 and 2013, the gross profit of pure grass powder made by polar grass was 120 million yuan, 520 million yuan and 910 million yuan respectively, which accounted for 40% of the main business income of the year, and the pure grass powder was the main source of Qinghai's profit in spring.

Other data show that in 2011, 2012 and 2013, the advertising expenses of the Qinghai spring sales expenses were 65 million 550 thousand yuan, 140 million yuan and 350 million yuan respectively, accounting for 20.37%, 11.82% and 16.88% of the main business income in the current period. Qinghai's R & D ratio is less than the advertising cost in 2013.

Falling down the altar?


In fact, the relevant departments of the state have been keeping Cordyceps sinensis "altar". In August 6, 2009, the original Ministry of Health issued a text of propolis, Cordyceps, etc. not to hang on the word "food" clearly stated: "the Ministry of health has not approved Cordyceps sinensis as a common food raw material. The State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine (State Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine) has organized experts to discuss it. At present, the Cordyceps sinensis is still lack of data on the safety assessment of food for long term use, and it is suggested that it should not be used as a raw material for food.

In December 2010, the State General Administration of quality inspection issued the "notifications of Cordyceps sinensis not to be used as a common food material", and the use of Cordyceps sinensis as a food raw material was strictly prohibited. In December 7, 2010, the Qinghai provincial food and Drug Administration issued "Qinghai province Cordyceps sinensis traditional Chinese medicine processing standard", the "polar grass" is defined as Cordyceps Chinese herbal decoction pieces.

In 2012, the former State Administration of food and Drug Administration approved the pilot program for the use of Cordyceps sinensis for health food. Qinghai spring, Tong Ren Tang, Kangmei pharmaceutical, Jingpai limited company and Jiang Zhong pharmaceutical became pilot enterprises. During the pilot period, a total of 5 products, Tong Ren Tang, Jingpai limited company and Jiang Zhong pharmaceutical 3 were obtained the batch number of health food, which was called "the first stock of Cordyceps" in Qinghai spring, and the series of Cordyceps sinensis series under the flag had not been approved.

However, in July 2014, the hot spot product of Cordyceps sinensis "polar grass" changed again. At that time, the food and Drug Administration of Qinghai province stipulated that the new identity of the pure powder of Cordyceps sinensis produced in the spring of Qinghai was a product made from the processed Cordyceps sinensis produced in Qinghai Province, which was a pilot product for the comprehensive exploitation and utilization of the dominant resources in Qinghai province. Copy. According to the regulations of Qinghai Province, the production license can still be obtained.

In February 4, 2016, the former State Administration of food and Drug Administration issued a "cue on the consumption of Cordyceps sinensis" on its official website, which will pull down the altars of Cordyceps including polar grass. It said that in the near future, the food and Drug Administration organized the monitoring and inspection of Cordyceps sinensis, winter insect summer grass powder and pure powder products. . The content of arsenic in Cordyceps sinensis, Cordyceps sinensis powder and pure powder was 4.4 to 9.9 mg / kg.  Cordyceps sinensis is not a medicinal and edible substance. According to the experts' analysis, the limit value of the national safety standard of health food is 1 mg / kg, and the long-term consumption of Cordyceps sinensis, Cordyceps sinensis powder and pure powder will cause excessive intake of arsenic, and there is a high risk.

In February 27, 2018, the official website of the former State Food and Drug Administration announced that these 4 kinds of health products are not health care. "No high-quality research can prove that Cordyceps militaris has special effects on human health," the article said. The effect is not reliable. Heavy metal arsenic exceeds the standard. Even the safety is not guaranteed.

In March 8, 2018, the official website of the former State Food and Drug Administration released a notice on stopping the trial work of Cordyceps used for health food. This also means that Cordyceps are kicked out of health products.

Without health products, can Cordyceps eat? How is the specific effect?

In the near half of the month, economic reporters interviewed many consumers in twenty-first Century, with consumers very well sought to enhance immunity and cancer prevention; the other said Cordyceps was a common food, without any effect; and some consumers thought they could be eaten under the guidance of a doctor.

In June 19th, in twenty-first Century, the economic reporter telephoned the Qinghai Cordyceps association with consumer identity, the responsible person pointed out: "Cordyceps sinensis is a supplement, there is no side effect, can eat for a long time, but should pay attention to the amount of cancer, some people have effect, some people do not."

In dispute about the efficacy of Cordyceps sinensis, the head of the Chinese medicine enterprise said to the economic reporter in twenty-first Century that it should not completely deny its efficacy, and the Chinese Pharmacopoeia also recorded: "tonifying the kidney and benefiting the lungs and stopping blood and phlegm." It is used for kidney deficiency and essence deficiency, impotence and semen, pain in waist and knee, cough and asthenia in a long time, fatigue and hemoptysis.

Shi Lichen, however, said that the former State Administration of food and drug administration has pointed out that there is no high quality research in clinical trials to prove that Cordyceps sinensis has special effects on human body, and that heavy metal arsenic should be allowed to return to the location of medicinal herbs and cool the high price "Shen grass" on the market. "If we want to prove that it has anti-cancer effect, we should have clinical data."

"Both sides that are currently supporting and questioning the efficacy of Cordyceps sinensis do not provide solid data. This year, we will apply for research projects to use solid data to prove the efficacy of Cordyceps sinensis." In June 19th, an internal staff member of Qinghai Cordyceps Association told reporters on twenty-first Century economic report.

The article is taken from: Twenty-first Century economic channel