The Cancer killer

- Apr 22, 2018-


Amorphophallus konjac is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine. It is a konjac plant of Arisaema. Its stems have the effects of removing stasis, dispersing accumulation, detoxifying and relieving pain. Recent studies at home and abroad have found that konjac glucomannan is the main component of konjac glucomannan (KGM). The physicochemical properties of dextran have played a unique role in food industry and medical treatment. KGM in konjac is a fine low calorie, low fat, high cellulose soluble dietary fiber. It has an important regulating effect on nutrition balance. It also has the function of reducing weight, moistening intestines, regulating cholesterol metabolism and anticancer. It is called healthy food.


1. anticancer effect


Konjac contains a gel like chemical, which has the magic power to prevent cancer and cancer. The konjac gel can be produced by simply extracting and separating mature konjac flour and heating it with water. This gel is eaten into the body and can form a translucent membrane coat, attached to the wall of the intestines, and hinders all kinds of harmful substances, especially the absorption of carcinogens, so the konjac is called "cancer proof clothing".


The results showed that KGM could inhibit and prevent lung cancer induced by methylnitrosoguanidine in mice. The number of induced cancer and precancerous lesions decreased, malignant tumor decreased, benign adenoma increased and no adenocarcinoma occurred. KGM can also inhibit the effect of two methhydrazine on colon cancer in rats and increase the survival rate of rats. Other studies have shown that KGM can significantly promote the immune function of mice, increase the thymus index and spleen index, and promote the synthesis and release of IL-1 and TNF- alpha in macrophages. This suggests that KGM can be used as an adjuvant product for immunoregulation of tumors.



2. blood lipid modulation


In the hyperlipidemic mice, the researchers fed the high fat solution every day. The oligosaccharide group added 30% konjac oligosaccharides in the hyperlipidemic solution. Results the serum levels of TG in the oligosaccharide group decreased by 29%, TC decreased by 32%, HDL-C increased by 35%, and P <0.01 compared with the high fat group, suggesting that the konjac oligosaccharide had the effect of lowering lipid and reducing urea nitrogen. It was observed that the effect of 5% and 10% Amorphophallus on the serum cholesterol, LDL-C and VLDL-C in rat feed showed that the konjac had important prevention and treatment significance for hyperlipidemia. In addition, KGM has preventive and therapeutic effects on experimental fatty liver.



3. hypoglycemic effect


KGM has no obvious stimulant effect on insulin secretion, and it can produce hypoglycemic effect by improving the environment of carbohydrate metabolism. KGM has high molecular weight and large viscosity, which can slow down the absorption of glucose, thereby reducing the burden of islets and promoting the benign circulation of diabetic patients. KGM reduced the level of free fatty acids in blood circulation, increased insulin sensitivity and reduced glucose tolerance.  The study found that the therapeutic effect of KGM on obese and diabetic mice showed that KGM could significantly reduce the blood glucose of four diabetes mice.


4. The effect of intestinal function


People in the daily life are easy to produce stool, waste in the long-term accumulation of toxins in the intestinal tract, causing a variety of diseases, aggravating diabetes, hypertension, affecting the beauty and even cause cancer. KGM can enhance the intestinal function of animals and inhibit the absorption of water by the small intestine and the absorption of intestinal wall water into the intestine.


5. The effect of obesity


Konjac is KGM, an edible plant fiber. KGM is extremely low in heat, and has the characteristics of strong water absorbency, high viscosity and high expansion rate. After entering the stomach, it absorbs gastric juice and expands 20 to 100 times, resulting in satiety. It can not be digested by the human enzyme, not provide nutrients, but also slow down the speed of food from the stomach to the small intestine, delay digestion and absorb nutrients, have the effect of moistening the bowel and bowel movement, without the need for a diet, thus achieving a balanced diet, thus achieving the effect of weight loss.


It is important to study the chemical constituents and pharmacological effects of Amorphophallus konjac on preventing the occurrence of specific diseases. We should give full play to the resource advantages of konjac and make scientific use of the characteristics of konjac medicine and food to develop new medicines and health products for the benefit of human health.


The Refined Konjac Meal (RMK) processed by konjak stems has been reported for many years. The antitumor effects of fresh konjac stem extract and konjac ash powder (extracted from refined flour) are rarely reported. In this paper, the effects of konjac decoction, RKM, konjac powder on antitumor and immune function were discussed in animal experiments.


Dextran in Konjac has the functions of reducing weight, eliminating inflammation, facilitating blood circulation, lowering blood fat, treating diabetes and inhibiting tumor growth. Our experimental results showed that RKM, konjac Decoction and konjac ash powder obviously inhibit the growth of mouse EAC tumor and prolong the survival time of the tumor bearing mice, and have no effect on the white blood cells of animals, and can improve the conversion rate of lymphocytes. The results showed that the tumor inhibition rate, survival time and the rate of conversion of RKM were higher than those of other experimental groups. It is possible that the high content of polysaccharides in RKM can inhibit the growth of transplanted tumor by enhancing the immune function of the body and play an anti-tumor role. Konjac ash powder is a kind of slag powder after RKM extraction. The content of starch and slag is high, and its effective components are reduced, so it has little effect compared with Konjac groups. The experiment also showed that the fresh konjac Decoction 1 was better than the decoction 2, but it was less effective than RKM. It might be related to the content and dosage of konjac polysaccharide.


At present, the commonly used chemotherapeutic drugs, such as cyclophosphamide, have a good inhibitory effect on the growth of the tumor, but the toxic effect is also great, which can reduce the immune function of the patients, reduce the leukocyte in blood and other symptoms, and affect the treatment. The experiment showed that the Amorphophallus konjac groups could inhibit the growth of the tumor and had no obvious effect on the white blood cells of the animals. It could improve the transformation rate of T lymphocyte and enhance the cellular immune function of the body. To sum up, Amorphophallus konjac can enhance the immune function of the body and play an anti-tumor role without obvious adverse reactions. It is worthy of further research and development.