Vegetable protein drinks have been recognized by consumers

- Apr 22, 2018-

With the development of the beverage market, consumers' consumption preference has also undergone profound changes. Consumers' recognition of vegetable protein drinks has been greatly improved, market demand structure, industry supply structure is undergoing profound changes, and the status of plant protein beverage industry in the beverage industry has been significantly improved. Many famous beverage manufacturers have also increased the research and development of plant protein beverage products, and the production of vegetable protein drinks in China has been growing rapidly.


According to the data from the analysis report on the market demand and investment planning of plant protein beverage industry, the output of industrial enterprises in 2011 was only 3 billion 565 million litres, and the output of plant protein drinks reached 6 billion 692 million litres by the end of 2016, and the annual growth rate of industry output was over 13.5%. From 2011 to 2015, the enterprise income of plant protein beverages accounted for less than 20% of the income of the total beverage enterprises, but the proportion of the accounts was higher than the year after year, and the income growth rate remained two figures, which was far higher than the income growth rate of the beverage general category, which had a greater development space.


Production and growth of vegetable protein beverages in China



Statistics show that the number of entrepreneurs in the plant protein beverage industry from 211 in the end of 2013, to 246 at the end of 2014, up to 17% from the same year, in 2016, the number of enterprises with milk beverage and vegetable protein beverage manufacturing industry in China reached 286. Many well-known brands such as Chengde Lulu, Wahaha, Yili, Mengniu, three yuan, pan pan have all launched walnut milk or similar products, and the competition in the industry is becoming increasingly fierce.


The income of plant protein beverage industry from less than 100 billion yuan in 2005 to over hundreds of billions of Customs in 2014, increased ten times in ten years, the annual average growth rate is close to 27%, profit is more than 500 million yuan to 12 billion 600 million yuan, increase more than 30 times, the annual average growth rate of more than 43%, may be said to be a high-speed growth. This also reflects consumers' acceptance and recognition of vegetable protein drinks from another angle.


Analysis on the management data of plant protein beverage manufacturing industry



To sum up, in our country, the vegetable protein beverage industry is still in the stage of rapid growth, and customer loyalty is also rising. However, with more and more enterprises entering the field of plant protein beverage market, the market competition will become increasingly fierce. Enterprises need to form their own competitive advantages so as to maintain a place in the market.


The analysis report on the market demand and investment planning of plant protein beverage industry issued by the forward industry research institute, using a large number of professional analysis tools, combined with the relevant theoretical models, and comprehensively used the quantitative and qualitative analysis methods, analyzed the running status and development trend of the plant protein beverage industry in the past 5 years. The key indicators of the industry's solvency, profitability, operating ability and growth ability are thoroughly analyzed, and the possible credit risk, such as policy risk, market risk and technical risk, which may exist in the plant protein beverage industry, is objectively and strictly evaluated. You can click online consultation to learn more about plant protein beverage industry.

Source of the article: prospective industry research institute