What is snow chrysanthemum?! What special nutritional value does it have?

- Sep 29, 2018-

Introduction of snow Chrysanthemum

Snow chrysanthemum is widely cultivated in the west of China. Because the growing environment is less polluted, rich in a variety of beneficial ingredients to the human body, it has been gradually popularized as a tea.

Wild Snow Chrysanthemum grows only in the snow area above 3000 meters above the north foot of Kunlun Mountain in Minfeng County of Hetian. The growing environment is extremely bad. It is covered with snow all the year round and has no human smoke. It has slow cycle, short flowering period, very difficult harvesting, extremely rare yield, and the natural environment over 3000 meters in Kunlun Mountain is abominable, and desert Gobi is everywhere suitable for planting. Only snow water melts the oases.


Nutritive value of snow Chrysanthemum

Nowadays, more than 20 kinds and more than 300 kinds of natural components have been isolated and identified from snow chrysanthemum, including more than 30 kinds of flavonoids, more than 30 kinds of mineral elements essential to human body, more than 20 kinds of amino acids, dozens of aromatic compounds, and rich organic acids, terpenes, vitamins, lignans, enzymes, polysaccharides and other biological activities. Natural ingredients.

Modern pharmacological studies have shown that the volatile oil, total saponins, amino acids and flavonoids in the snow chrysanthemum can resist pathogens and enhance capillary resistance. Among them, the total flavonoids content reached 12%, far more than other kinds of chrysanthemum. Flavonoids have many functions. They are powerful antioxidants, which can effectively scavenge oxygen free radicals in the body. This ability to prevent oxidation is more than 10 times that of vitamin E. Flavonoids can prevent cell degeneration, senescence and cancer. These bioflavonoids, terpenoids and sulfur compounds are rich in snow chrysanthemum. It is an important element in antihypertensive, lipid lowering, blood sugar regulating, anti-tumor and anti-aging related drugs.


The choice of snow Chrysanthemum

There are three kinds of snow chrysanthemum on the market. One is the wild high altitude snow chrysanthemum originated from Kunlun Mountains (there are almost no wild snow chrysanthemum on the market at present, so consumers should be cautious to say wild snow chrysanthemum by illegal businessmen), the other is the artificial planting of high altitude snow chrysanthemum for other areas.

There are three steps to choose snow chrysanthemum.

1. shape

The authentic high-altitude cultivation of Kunlun snow chrysanthemum because of the growing environment day and night temperature difference, high sugar content, buds tightened, and elastic, petals are more bright color, golden yellow, drying petals crisp.

But the low altitude planting snow chrysanthemum has higher growth environment temperature, fluffy buds, dark red petals, no luster, large flower type, loose shape, soft handle.

2. color

To see the color, we have to brew before we can see, because the color of the flower itself can be done by artificial chemical treatment is very similar, ordinary people can not distinguish, but after brewing can see its true Lushan face.

The authentic high-altitude cultivation of the Kunlun snow chrysanthemum brewed clear crimson, can be brewed more than 4-5 times and the soup color is still; and low-altitude cultivation of snow chrysanthemum brewed after the soup is turbid, or dark color, or light yellow color, the soup color after brewing is not transparent, not crimson.

3. incense

The authentic origin of Kunlun snow chrysanthemum dried flowers at high altitude has a faint smell of medicine.

Dried snow chrysanthemum at low altitudes smells more pungent, has a fumigated taste, or someone has a strong sweet smell after treatment, which is not authentic taste.

4. flavors

The authentic Kunlun snow chrysanthemum has a faint fragrance and sweet taste.

Low-altitude snow chrysanthemum is bitter and astringent, or has been artificially steeped in late syrup, the first two flushes taste sweet, and then there is no taste.

5. shape

Wild snow chrysanthemums at high altitudes grow in harsh environments where the air is dry enough to become dried flowers after a period of air drying, and the petals of dried flowers from naturally dried areas are crisp (local farmers pick relatively shady petals that are not so crisp), and are easily crushed or crushed during transportation. Shattered, so if the petals of Kunlun snow chrysanthemum are scattered, this is a normal phenomenon. The snow chrysanthemum planted at low altitude is artificially dried in the later stage, and the petals are always very intact.


Edible method of snow Chrysanthemum

Choose low-hardness mineral water, water temperature to boil immediately after brewing is appropriate; Tea choice transparent glass or pot is the best, to view the color of the soup, red soup can be drunk, and water for many times without reducing the taste. Snow chrysanthemum soup is amber red, is now the only red soup chrysanthemum tea, both light medicinal fragrance, but also the taste of the first-class black tea, fragrant smell, the entrance is constantly sweet, mellow, taste extraordinary.

Source of article: Dietitian net