Why does Chinese yam cause itch?! And how to deal with it?!

- Oct 23, 2018-

Dioscorea, also known as "yam", is a plant of Dioscorea. The tubers of Dioscorea zingiberensis are called yam, and are dug in winter. Located in the eastern part of China near Huaihe, it is also known as the Yai Shan. Plants are easy to cultivate.

Yam is also a kind of food that many young friends like when they shake hot pot or cook dishes. Today, Nutrition Sister is going to chat with you about yam.

Nutritive value of Chinese yam

1. Yam contains only about half of the calories and carbohydrates of the same quality sweet potato. It does not contain fat. The protein content of yam is higher than that of sweet potato.

2. The main ingredient of yam is starch, part of which can be converted into the decomposition product of starch dextrin, dextrin can help digestion, so yam can be eaten raw taro food.

3. Chinese yam contains a variety of trace elements, of which potassium content is higher, the type and amount of vitamins are less, almost no carotene.

4. yam leaves are an excellent source of carotene and a good source of calcium, iron and vitamin C.


Yam purchase

In the selection and purchase, the same size of yam, the heavier the better, the same variety of yam to the more hair, the more hair yam more palatable, containing more yam polysaccharides. Nutrition is also better, and finally look at the cross-section, yam cross-section meat should be snow white, which means that is fresh, if yellow rust-like do not buy.

If there are abnormal spots on the surface of yam can not be bought, because this may have been infected with the disease, but also pay attention to yam section should be with mucus, no skin damage. Yam is afraid of freezing and heat. When buying yam in winter, you can hold it by hand for about 10 minutes. If yam perspires, it will be frozen. If you break it apart, the frozen yam cross-section mucus will turn into water. It has a hard heart and the flesh is red and the quality is poor.


Edible method of Chinese yam

1. peeling

It is advisable to peel and eat, so as not to produce abnormal taste such as hemp and thorn. Yam skin contains saponin or mucus containing alkaloids, a few people contact will cause yam allergy and itching, yam treatment should avoid direct contact. Don't touch the yam's hands, wash your hands several times, or you'll catch wherever you itch.

2., how to make yam not go away?

After the yam is peeled, the surface mucus makes it very slippery, difficult to grasp or firmly placed on the board, cut into the desired shape, at this time, can be coated with salt and vinegar on both hands, and then take yam when the hand will not slide, will not affect the normal taste of yam.

3. soaking

After yam slice, soak should be soaked in brine to prevent oxidation and blackening.