Anti-aging&Whitening &Firming&Repair---Rose Hip Extract Powder

- Jul 23, 2018-

The content of vitamin C in rose fruit is the highest. The content of VC is more than 6810 mg per hundred grams of fresh fruit, up to 8300 mg, and it is the first of all vegetables and fruits. It is the "crown of the fruits of earth plants", and it is called "king of VC". According to its content, the VC content of rose fruit is 220 times that of citrus; 1360 times that of apple; one gram of rose fruit is equivalent to the VC content of one kilogram apple; 26 times that of black currant; 190 times that of strawberry; 213 times that of red bean; it is 130 times of kiwi fruit. Two or three roses are enough for the human body to have day and night VC needs, a can of 500 grams of Rose Rose Jam VC content can guarantee the army a company soldier all day long needs. It is regarded as a "special drug for scurvy" by European countries; it is also called "vitamin record holder". Because of the high content of vitamin C, it also lays a foundation for the wide application of rose fruit in the cosmetic field. And roses are good for making desserts like cakes, fruit towers, or jams and jelly.

We, Xi'an Green Life& Green Source supplying Rosahip Extract Powder:

English name:Rosehip Extract Powder

Botanical name: Rosa L. Species

Part of Plant Used:Fruit

Appearance:Brown Fine Powder

Main Components:Polyphenols,Vitamin C

Product specification: 5% VitaminC, 4:1

Detection method: titrimetry

Expiration date: 2 years