Blueberry-strengthening Human Body Immunity

- Nov 13, 2018-

Blueberry fruit is rich in nutrients and is a nutritional health product with high amino acid, high zinc, high calcium, high iron, high copper and high vitamin.

Food Grade 100% Natural Blueberry Freeze-dried Powder not only has a good nutritional and health function, but also has the functions of preventing brain nerve aging, strengthening heart, anti-cancer and softening blood vessels, and strengthening human body immunity.

Food Grade 100% Natural Blueberry Freeze-dried Powder nutritional value is far higher than apples, grapes, oranges and other fruits, and it is called "the king of fruit in the world".

In addition to fresh food, Food Grade 100% Natural Blueberry Freeze-dried Powder have strong medicinal value and nutritional and health functions.

Food Grade 100% Natural Blueberry Freeze-dried Powder is selected domestic pollution-free blueberries as raw materials, using vacuum freeze drying technology, low-temperature physical crushing technology, instant crushing.

Keep the blueberry original all sorts of nutrition and health care ingredients and the natural color of raw material, the taste and smell of this product has the pure blueberry, widely used in the processing of blueberry flavor food and add in all kinds of nutritious food, to strengthen the nutrition health care efficacy, and give all kinds of food natural blueberry color and unique blueberry flavor.

We,Xi'an Green Source Supplying:

English Name: Blueberry freeze-dried powder

Botanical Source: Vaccinium Spp.

Part of Plant Used: Fruit

Appearance: Dark Blue-Purple Powder

Flavor: Full-bodied fruit taste

Water-solubility:100% water-soluable

Feature: Free of essence and pigment

Expiration date: 2 years