Forecast Of The Development Trend Of Chinese Functional Drinks In 2018

- Apr 28, 2018-

1.An overview of the functional beverage industry:

Definition of functional drinks:

Functional drinks are beverages that regulate human functions to a certain extent by adjusting the composition and content of nutrients in beverages. Functional drinks have been popular in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan since 2000. It contains potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other electrolytes, the composition and body fluid similar to the body, after drinking more quickly absorbed by the body, timely supplement the body caused by a large number of sports sweat and electrolyte (salt), so that the body fluid to achieve a balanced state. At present, functional drinks are more and more popular among consumers in China, and China has gradually become a big consumer of functional beverages.

Classification of functional drinks:

The function of functional beverages is different, and they are endowed with different products. According to the nutrients people need, they can choose functional drinks suitable for their own constitution. Functional drinks can be generally divided into four categories: sports drinks, energy drinks, nutritional drinks and other special purpose drinks.

(1) sports drinks

Sports drinks are nutritious ingredients and contents which can meet the physiological characteristics and special nutritional needs of athletes or athletes. Sports drinks are specific functions in special functional beverages and can enable athletes or athletes to participate in sports to quickly supplement water and various nutritional elements after drinking.

(2) energy drinks

Energy drinks are a kind of soft drink that can provide energy for a kind of juice flavor or no juice flavor. Most of them have carbonated gas, but they also have no inflatable and powdery products. Products generally contain taurine, caffeine, melon salad, glucose and plant extracts, as well as minerals and vitamins.

(3) nutritious drink

Nutritious drink refers to some vitamins and minerals that are needed in the daily life of the beverage. It has a similar effect to health care products. Most of them are mainly against fatigue and spirit.

(4) other types of functional drinks

In addition to the main functional drinks mentioned above, functional beverages, including dietary fiber, oligosaccharides (Bifidobacterium proliferator), active probiotic beverages and trace elements (Zn and Se), are known as other functional drinks.

2.Analysis of the market prospect of functional drinks:

(1.)the demand of the market is expanding

With the constant changes of human needs and the upgrading of consumption, the public has paid more and more attention to health and function. The consumers of functional drinks are also more and more popular. Functional beverage was originally a niche market, but now it has expanded into a large industry market, and has formed 100 billion output value. It is noteworthy that the market is still expanding. Health conscious people are increasingly concerned about functional drinks, not just sugar water. At the same time, drinking scenes are also constantly expanding, from the main point of supplemental energy, to dining, gathering, work, learning, driving and many other scenes. In the next 10 years, functional beverages are likely to break through the 500 billion output value and become the main varieties of the beverage industry.

(2.)consumptive capacity becomes the support of development and upgrading

In recent years, the increasing consumption capacity of residents, especially the improvement of the consumption ability of the townships, will be given more health functions in the future, which will provide a strong impetus for the development of functional beverages. With the growing awareness of consumers' health and fitness benefits, the functional beverage market will continue to show great potential. We predict that by 2022, the retail sales of functional drinks will reach 68 billion yuan. In addition, the further improvement of the functional beverage market and the standardization of the industry standards, the development environment of the functional beverage market in China will be further improved, which will create a good development space for the healthy development of functional beverages in China.