Stimulating Digestion And Promoting Appetite--Bitter Melon Extract Powder

- Aug 13, 2018-

Momordica charantia extract has good hypoglycemic effect, known as plant insulin. Full-ingredient extract, used for type 2 diabetes three times a day, 2 g each time, can maintain normal blood sugar levels, because it is a plant extract, so compared with western medicine hypoglycemic drugs, non-toxic side effects.

In traditional Chinese medicine, balsam pear is considered to stimulate digestion and promote appetite. This has been confirmed by people. As a fairly common food, balsam pear is often used as a conditioner in the tropics; a variety of infectious diseases, cancer and diabetes are among the most common human conditions that balsam pear claims to improve. The immature fruit, seeds and aboveground parts of balsam pear are used in many parts of the world to treat diabetes. Both their leaves and fruits have been used to make tea, beer or seasonal soup in the western world. Momordica charantia capsules and tinctures are now widely used in the Western world as herbal medicines in the treatment of diabetes, AIDS and other viral diseases, colds, influenza and psoriasis.

We Xi'an Green Source supplying:

Product Name: Bitter Melon Extract Powder

Botanical Source: Momordica Charantia Linn.

Color: Yellow Brown Fine Powder

Part of Plant Used: Fruit

Specification: 1%-10% Charantin, 10% to 40% Sapnions

Extract Ratio: 4:1-20:1

CAS Number: 90063-94-8

Method of Testing: HPLC

Expiration date: 2 years