The King Of Vitamin C--Rosa Roxburghii Extract Powder (water-soluble)

- Jul 06, 2018-

  Rosa roxburghii (Rosa) is the fruit of the reeling flowers of the perennial deciduous shrubs of the Rosaceae. It is also known as the golden yellow fruit, the pears, the thorn pear, the nickname pineapple, the return of spring, the acid pears and the first fruit. It is a rare fruit for nourishing and nourishing the body. Natural wild fruit grown in the sunny slopes, valleys, roadsides and shrubs at 500-2500m above sea level.

  Native to the wild resources of Western Guizhou, it belongs to the fruit of silk reeling flowers of the Rosaceae family. The fruit table is full of burr and yellow in green. The fruit is full and rich in Pear fragrance. The flesh is smooth and sweet and sour, and the fruit is covered with burr. One name of the "pear" is also known, and its fruit belongs to various kinds of pear varieties. With the highest value, the content of vitamin C is 2000 mg per 100 grams of fruit. Therefore, the reputation of "king of Victoria" has been earned.

We, Xi'an Green Source suplier new product: 

water-soluble Rosa Roxburghii Extract Powder

Appearance:Light Yellow to white Fine Powder

Specification: 5%VC, 10000u/g SOD

Detection method:UV

Expiration date: 2 years

Application: It could be used for cosmetics and beverage

Rosa Roxburghii Extract Powder.png