Vegan Pea Protein Powder

- Nov 06, 2018-

Pea protein powder is a protein extracted from peas by advanced technology. Pea protein contains all the necessary amino acids and belongs to full-price protein.Protein is the material basis of life and the three components of human body.Lack of protein can lead to slow growth, low immunity, sagging skin and early aging.

Peas belong to the legume plant, peas are rich in various nutrients needed by the human body, especially high quality protein.And legumes don't have cholesterol, which is better than animal protein.

1. Vegan Pea Protein have very high water-holding and oil absorption properties as well as good gel forming property, which can be used in hams and other meat products as an excellent additive.       

2.Vegan Pea Protein has a certain degree of foamability and foam stability, which can partially replace eggs to be added to pastry products. 

3. Vegan Pea Protein has excellent emulsifiability and emulsion stability, which can be used as emulsifiers for various types of foods; Pea protein can quickly emulsify fat, to prepare sausages with good emulsifiability. Sausages made in this way are very tasty with high nutritional values. 

4.If added into biscuits, Vegan Pea Protein can enhance the flavor and strengthen the proteins; in addition, it can be developed into health foods having different functions.

We,Xi'an Green Source Supplying:

English Name: Vegan Pea Protein

Color: Light Yellow powder

Main Components: Protein

Specification: Proteinā‰„80%

Packing Size :20kg/bag

Method of Testing: TLC

Expiration date: 2 years