Microbial Population Sampling Can Predict Success In Weight Loss And Contribute To Individualized Dietary Plans.

- Apr 27, 2018-

According to the latest research, the composition of intestinal bacterial environment may play a key role in the personalized nutrition method against obesity.

The Danish researchers report in the International Journal of obesity. The results of a study showed that the possibility of using a simplified microbiological model based on some bacterial populations was used as a prognostic indicator of two different body fat losses.

Led by a senior author, Professor Arne Astrup of the University of Copenhagen, the team revealed that our intestinal bacteria may play a decisive role in the individualized nutrition and diet plan of obesity.

"Human intestinal bacteria have been associated with an increase in the incidence of overweight and obesity, and scientists have begun to study whether intestinal bacteria can play a role in overweight treatment, but now we have a breakthrough that confirms that certain bacterial species play a decisive role in weight regulation and weight loss," Astrup said.

They say a simple faecal sample can reveal whether people can lose weight by following dietary advice characterized by high levels of fruit, vegetables, fibers and whole grains.

Source: US-China HPA