Xi'an Green Source Launch New Product: A Series Of Soybean Extract Powder(Part Two)

- Jul 18, 2018-

Xi'an Green Source launch new product: A series of Soybean Extract Powder:

A series of Soybean——Soyasaponins

【English Name】: Soyasaponins

【Botanical Source】: Glycine max(L.) Merr.

【Appearance】: Light yellow to yellow powder has soybean specific smell

【Part of Plant Used】:Germ / bean meal

【Extraction solvent】: Water & Alcohol

【Main Components】Soyasaponins

【Specification】: 40%、80%

【CAS Number】: 51330-27-9

【Method of Testing】:HPLC

【Expiration date】: 2 Years

The effect of Soyasaponins

Soyasaponins are bioactive substances extracted from legumes such as soybeans and straw. Soybean is widely grown

in north and central China, especially in northeast China. It belongs to triterpene oleanolic saponins and is a mixture of a

series of substances. Studies at home and abroad have proved that soy saponins have many physiological functions such as

anti-lipid oxidation, anti-free radical, enhanced immune regulation, anti-tumor and anti-virus. At present, it has been

preliminarily applied in food, medicine and cosmetics. The factors that influence the content of saponins in soybean

include environment and heredity. Shiraiwa of Japan compared soybeans from Japan, Canada, the United States and China,

and found that Chinese soybeans had the highest saponins (about 0.3%). In conclusion, series A soybean saponins are

mainly distributed in the hypocotyl of soybean seeds, and their composition and content will vary with the variety and


• Anti - lipid oxidation, reduce the production of peroxide lipids

• Anti - oxidation, anti - free radical action

• Antithrombotic effect

• Enhance the function of immune regulation

• Antitumor effect

• Antiviral effect

• Regulate the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system

A series of Soybean——Soybean polysaccharides

【English Name】: Soybean polysaccharides

【Appearance】: Soybean polysaccharide is white to light yellow powder, low viscosity of aqueous          solution, good taste, no bad smell.

【Part of Plant Used】:Germ / bean meal

【Extraction solvent】: Water & Alcohol

【Main Components】: 70%

【CAS Number】: 57808-66-9

【Method of Testing】:HPLC

【Expiration date】: 2 Years

The effect of Soybean polysaccharides

1. Acid stability: it can maintain stability and suspension of proteins in various

acidic environments, independent of time and temperature;

2. Strong emulsifying property: it can emulsify protein and fat, and form stable

emulsifying solution, which is not affected by acid, alkali, salt and temperature;

3. Good taste: soybean polysaccharide has low viscosity and fresh taste, especially

good taste in acidic beverages (such as yogurt and lactic acid drinks).

4. Anti-coagulant: soybean polysaccharide can prevent starch aging and prevent the

adhesion of noodles and rice;

5. Good water soluble dietary fiber: soybean polysaccharides dietary fiber content

is above 80%, completely dissolved in water, can promote the bifidobacterium

proliferation, adjust intestines and stomach, weight loss, prevention of diabetes,

cardiovascular disease, bowel aperient and other high quality dietary fiber function.