We have a factory that can meet the standards of GMP and our factory have a complete set of advanced facilities including 2 sets of 6 cubic hot reflux extraction unit in low temperature, 1 set of 1 cubic hot reflux extraction unit in low temperature, 2 sets of drying system, spray drying system, microwave drying system, tubular centrifuge and filtration column. All these facilities ensure the production of many kinds of products.

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The Third Party Testing:

       Before delivery, we will send sample to Shaanxi Microbiology Institute to test microbiology, Silliker to test heavy metal and Eurofins to test PAHs and SGS.

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Internal Laboratory:

       We have our own laboratory with HPLC (high performance liquid chromatograph), GC (gas chromatograph), TLC testing facility and UV (ultraviolet spectrophotometer) to ensure quality of products.

Professional Technical Team

       From production to testing, we have professional technicians to operate and control the quality of products. All these staff make the products qualified and secure enough to be provided to our customers.

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